The best athletes are passionate, motivated, committed to their craft and team-oriented. So it makes sense that the people who treat them should be the same. But you don’t have to be an elite athlete to receive superior treatment.

Our mission at Focus Physio is to provide innovative, individualised one-on-one Physiotherapy sessions to get you back on your feet. From your initial assessment to follow-ups, we believe in providing only the highest level of care and our promises to you help ensure we do.

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Individualised treatment plans

We understand that you are an individual and you are unique, meaning our treatment should be too. We spend the time to deeply understand your situation, motivations and goals, and will create a treatment plan tailored just for you. So, even if you have exactly the same pain as the person before you, you'll receive customised treatment aimed at helping you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Longer session times

We fully commit to each individual patient to ensure that we deeply understand your personal situation, circumstance and specific goals. That’s why we offer 60 minute initial consultations and 30 minute follow up sessions. This is longer than industry standards, allowing for far more thorough assessment and ongoing treatment.

Extensive networks, comprehensive care

As an established member of the wider healthcare community, we have access to collaborators in various medical fields. With a greater network of specialist opinions to draw upon, including podiatrists, surgeons, radiologists and other experts, we’re perfectly equipped to provide better treatment.



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