Welcome to our first attempt and foray into blogging.

Never did I imagine that I would be here. I have followed many a blog of people who are way smarter than me and who have way more experience in the various fields that I dabble in.

So just a bit about me and what topics you would expect from me in this blog.

I will be covering common topics that arise, but also the occasional interesting topic/research that comes out.

Since graduating from physio school, I have had the opportunity to work in different clinic settings i.e physiotherapy, osteopathic, chiropractic clinics, and thus have - more than most, I think – a greater appreciation of what clinicians of other professions offer in our multidisciplinary collaboration. I have met and studied  (and am still studying!) under great practitioners in my post graduate study, in my previous clinic experiences, as well as practitioners and mentors whom I have met at various courses. For that I am eternally grateful and am honoured to have encountered them. I have also had the privilege to travel with a few sports teams overseas as well as working with different groups of amateur athletes.

The biggest point I would like to make is that I #stilldontknowanything!! I have learnt, and am still being challenged to learn and question things that I have learnt at undergrad level, as well as current practices. I never want to be considered a “guru” of any sort as I believe that with every treatment and interaction, we (patient and myself) are always learning something new. Only with humility and uncertainty can we progress and achieve better outcomes for everyone.

The posts that appear are definitely of a personal view. I will have guest posts from other experts and colleagues to give everyone a wider scope in which I have been privileged to have my eyes opened. I definitely encourage an open forum of constructive criticism and feedback, and that we can have some good honest debate and discussions.

There you have it! Our first ever blog post. Do bear with us as we get a hold of blogging around our head.

Thanks for reading!