Our Goals for 2018

First blog post of the new year!

This is the perfect time to set some goals and reiterate our vision and promise you, our clients. Here is our mission statement.

1. We are passionate about what we do

  • We will continue to strive to be Dunedin's premier physiotherapy and rehabilitation service providers
  • We will continue to seek out knowledge and improve ourselves and our treatment and diagnostic skills for the benefit of our clients

2. We will seek to help you reach your goals. 

  • We are genuinely interested in you, your issues and your outcomes. 
  • It is not just about trying to rehabilitate your injury, but also how you can get better as an athlete and a person
  • We will endeavour to be accessible to all our clients (and prospective clients)
  • Although we have stipulated working hours, we pride ourselves on being flexible to suit our clients.
  • We will NOT be dictated by normal industry standards to have set appointment duration times. Each session will be tailored to your individual needs and goals.
  • If you require a more detailed treatment session, we will dedicate more time to you as needed.

3. Knowledge is power.

  • We want to be leaders in our industry by sharing information freely to patients and with our other colleagues on our social media platforms.
  • We encourage healthy debate with everyone, giving honour and ensuring mutual respect for each other's view points.

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Our vision is firstly to get you MOVING BETTER. Then to MOVE OFTEN.

By following that principle, we will help you on your journey to function to the best of your ability. You are unique and our treatment for you is too.