Lems Mariner Review

Disclaimer: We have been stocking and recommending Lems shoes to our clients and members of the community and have experienced good success for ourselves and for our clients. On this occasion, Lems has sponsored a pair of Mariners for us to review. This review is a personal opinion and does not reflect the views of the company.


Lems has been our preferred brand of footwear for formal/office wear and for casual/exercise, Here we explore another option for casual wear, the Lems Mariner.

The Mariner is a boat shoe/topsider/dock shoe. What that really means is just that the Mariner borrows on the boat shoe style.

We have been wearing the Lems Mariners for a while. We had the original “Camel” which we purchased but when the new version came out, Steve Perna sent us a “Navy” to test and review.

Although there are slight differences in the 2 models, the shoes continue to uphold the philosophy of Lems shoes, that the shoes should have

  1. Flexibility

  2. Wide toe box

  3. Zero drop

Comparing the newer “Navy” version (left) and the previous “Camel” version (right)

Comparing the newer “Navy” version (left) and the previous “Camel” version (right)

The Lems shoe as you can see ffrom the pictures, have a wide toe box. That means that it allows for natural toe splay and the natural foot shape

Wide toe box

Wide toe box

They have no arch support, and are neutral from heel to toe i.e. “Zero drop”.

Zero Drop

Zero Drop

They are also very light and allow for good flexibility in the foot, especially in the midfoot.

Flexibility right through the whole shoe

Flexibility right through the whole shoe

Straight out of the box, the shoes fit really well, and with a wide toe box, there was no problems with wearing them straight away. With gradual wear, the shoes break in really quickly. (We use the term “break in” really loosely as the shoes are already very flexible). With time, the leather loses is “factory form” and creases appear.

For us personally, the previous version had a shorter tongue which allowed for easier slipping on. The newer version had a longer tongue which took a while to get used to. It did not take very long to adjust to it though.

In addition, due to the wide toe box, the Mariner allows for the use of Correct Toes, which are toe spacers that allow for further toe splay. Check out this link for a review on the correct toes.

A lot of shoes these days are really stiff in the structure of the shoe and have pointed toe boxes. All in all, the Mariners are incredibly comfortable for all-day wear. With the Lems Mariner, the shoes are made from quality material, fit your feet comfortably and still maintain the stylish aesthetics of a boat shoe.


Finally, here are the stats of the Lems Mariner:

Last: LemsLast? foot-shaped
Upper: 100% Genuine leather + mesh
Waterproof: No
Sole: 9.0mm LemsRubber? injection rubber
Insole: Optional removable 3.0mm MoistureWick foam
Lining: 100% Genuine leather
Stack Height: 9.0mm
Drop: 0.0mm
Weight: 7.4oz (size 43)
Width: 4.2-4.4" (size 43)

**Focus Physio is the only stockist of Lems shoes in New Zealand. We have tried and tested the products for ourselves and have found benefits for clients. If you think that this might interest you or be of benefit you, please do not hesitate to contact us.**