JOSHUA ONG, Director

Joshua came to Dunedin to pursue a degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Otago in 2005 and graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2008 after previously serving as an officer in the Singapore Armed Forces, and subsequently went on to complete his Masters in Physiotherapy with a focus on manipulative physiotherapy. Having worked in various Physiotherapy, Osteopathic and Chiropractic clinics, Joshua blends a combination of techniques when treating. 

Out of the clinic, Joshua volunteers at the Otago Sports Injury Clinic on weekends and offers his services to various local competitions and businesses. He has travelled with the New Zealand Youth and Junior volleyball teams as well as crossfit teams for competitions overseas. With a love for sport, Joshua has tried his hand at most sports in order to understand the biomechanics and demands required for participation, as well as the appropriate treatments and preventative measures. 

All in all, Joshua seeks to provide a unique experience to people from all walks of life in the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. He hopes to improve his patients' quality of life through treatments and ongoing self-maintenance.

BUDIMAN PRANJOTO, Physiotherapist

Budi came to Dunedin in 2011 to study at the University of Otago and graduated as a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences in 2013, subsequently as a Physiotherapist in 2016. Having previously completed his International Baccalaureate in Singapore and spending parts of his childhood in Indonesia and New Zealand, Budi is fluent in English, Indonesian and Malay whilst being familiar with various cultures he encountered in his travels. After completing his final year of university in Wellington, Budi has come back to Dunedin to bring his experience to the clinic.

In his spare time, Budi continues to pursue his interests in music, science and badminton while volunteering at the Otago Sports Injury Clinic on weekends. More recently, he has a newfound interest in Strength and Conditioning and is bringing it into the clinic.

To sum it all, Budi seeks to bring his collective experience and interests to provide wholesome Physiotherapy for anyone who comes into the clinic. Budi hopes to improve his patients’ livelihood through treatment sessions supported by exercises.

Leigh Martel, Physiotherapist


Leigh grew up in Hawaii, where a childhood spent outdoors and involved in sport (gymnastics, outrigger paddling, and athletics) led to a few visits to the physiotherapist’s office and a growing interest in human movement.  This interest (and a competitive career in pole vault) took her to the University of British Columbia, Canada to study Kinesiology.  In 2009, she studied abroad in Dunedin and hasn’t looked back.  She completed a Bachelor of Physical Education at the University of Otago majoring in Sport and Exercise Science and volunteered in the Neural Control of Movement Laboratory, developing further interests in motor control (particularly skill acquisition), biomechanics, and neuromuscular physiology. After working and coaching in sport, a desire to use her knowledge in both performance and wellness contexts led her back to Otago to complete her Bachelor of Physiotherapy.

Leigh competes in Olympic Weightlifting and has represented Otago multiple times at the New Zealand National Championships. She enjoys volunteering at outdoor events and exploring Central Otago.

Leigh endeavors to provide individualized physiotherapy to address injury rehabilitation and prevention, promoting lifelong function and independence."

LYNETTE SPEIRS, Clinic Administrator

Lynette grew up in Mosgiel and has lived there all her life. She has been married to John for 33 years and they have two grown up daughters. She loves meeting people, and has always worked in customer service related occupations.

Lynette has a real passion to see people who are in pain, discomfortor who need rehabilitation , connected with those who can offer answers and get them back to living and enjoying a full life. and so working with thewonderful team at Focus Physio is her "dream job".

She loves being outside and enjoying our beautiful countryside and hobbies include gardening, reading, walking  and most of all horse riding.

Last year she renovated avery neglected caravan and transformed it into a really cute beach getaway. She has never attempted any DIY before and was blown away at how much "I loved it and how well it turned out. I am looking for another project now!".

Lynette also has a special interest in Low Level Laser Therapy and operates a small business, treating both animals and people.