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The Physiology Of Healing

Healing is multifactorial. There are many aspects to life in general that can affect how we heal from injury or illnesses

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Manipulation (Spinal & Peripheral joints)

Crack/pop/adjustment...what does this actually mean when you hear these sounds/terms from your clinician?

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Exercise and Pregnancy

We advocate for exercise before pregnancy, and even during, to maintain strength for mums

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Pain, what is it that I’m actually feeling?

What is pain? What exactly am I feeling?

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Of shoes, orthotics, and function

Is there a "best", one size fits all shoe?

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Exploring the benefits of mouth taping

Breathe in through your nose, out through your nose.....

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Breaking down the FMS

Ever wondered about the 7 movements that we put our clients through?

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Nasal breathing vs oral breathing

Breathing through your nose can have greater health implications...

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Is being too "loose" good for you?

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