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Superior Treatment

The best athletes are passionate, motivated, committed to their craft and team-oriented. So it makes sense that the people who treat them should be the same.

But you don’t have to be an elite athlete to receive superior treatment.

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Our mission at Focus Physio is to provide innovative, individualised one-on-one Physiotherapy sessions to get you back on your feet.

From your initial assessment to follow-ups, we believe in providing only the highest level of care and our promises to you help ensure we do.


Our Promises To You:

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Individualised Treatment Plans

We understand that you are an individual and you are unique, meaning our treatment should be too. We spend the time to deeply understand your situation, motivations and goals, and will create a treatment plan tailored just for you. So, even if you have exactly the same pain as the person before you, you’ll receive customised treatment aimed at helping you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

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Longer Session Times

We fully commit to each individual patient to ensure that we deeply understand your personal situation, circumstance and specific goals. That’s why we offer 60 minute initial consultations and 30 minute follow up sessions. This is longer than industry standards, allowing for far more thorough assessment and ongoing treatment.

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Extensive Networks, Comprehensive Care

As an established member of the wider healthcare community, we have access to collaborators in various medical fields. With a greater network of specialist opinions to draw upon, including podiatrists, surgeons, radiologists and other experts, we’re perfectly equipped to provide better treatment.

Meet Our Team

At Focus Physio, we care about what you are passionate about. Find out more about our staff, who are here to work with you.

Joshua Ong

Director - Physiotherapist, Athletic Trainer

Joshua seeks to provide a unique experience to people from all walks of life in the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

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Angela Ong


Angela believes that healing comes in many ways and that a holistic approach, encompassing physiotherapy, is one way to better one's quality of life.

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Lynette Speirs

Clinic Administrator

Lynette has always had an interest in health and helping people through pain issues to get them back to living and enjoying a full life.

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Alyssa Brook

Senior Physiotherapist

Alyssa wants to help patient's achieve their personal goals so that they can get back to doing the things they love and educate people on how to use good movement patterns.

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Learn About Our Process:


Initial Consult

Your initial consult will be 45min to an hour in duration. We ask that you arrive 10 minutes early to complete some forms and an ACC form, if you’ve had an injury, whilst enjoying some coffee and energy bites in our cosy waiting room.

We recommend you wear appropriate clothing such as workout clothes so that we can look at your area of concern although shorts are always available to change into if needed.

We will meet and discuss your primary concern with you so that we can begin to develop hypotheses on what is going on. It’s important that we come up with a couple of goals you would like to achieve during this process so that we have a clear picture of what you want from working with us.

We will then take you through the SFMA and further assessment which will help narrow down the causes and guide our treatment. This is also where we will determine whether you will need imaging investigations or tests or whether onwards referral to another health professional is more appropriate.

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During treatment, we will perform a variety of hands-on techniques such as soft tissue massage, dry needling, cupping, manual therapy etc. which we call “resetting” your joints and muscles to make improvements in your symptoms and mobility.

For an acute injury (less than 3 days old) we prefer seeing you twice a week for the first two weeks in order to speed up the healing process and minimise the length of time it takes to recover.

This is because the first two weeks after injury are critical times to make changes and prevent unwanted compensatory movements from cementing.

After the first two weeks we will often see you once a week and as you improve, appointments will become more spread out until your goals have been achieved.

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Reset, Reinforce, Reload

During treatment our goal was to create a change in your symptoms and to reset and improve your mobility. We will then send you home with what we call "reinforcements" which are often a couple of personalised stretches, or some simple exercises to reload and strengthen before your next session.

It is important to do these when you go home as it will help maintain the progress we made during the session and prevent defaulting back into pre-injury movement patterns.

We may also apply rigid tape or kinesiology tape to help mitigate pain and promote good movement. We will also educate you on movements or activities to avoid and give advice on things such as hydration, sleep, nutrition etc., as this is all a big part of ensuring re-aggravation of pain does not continue so as not to hinder your progress.

As sessions continue and your pain and mobility improve, we will begin to “retrain the software” which is where we introduce motor control exercises so that you are able to use that new mobility you have gained and avoid reverting back to less than ideal movement patterns. This will ensure your pain or compensatory movements do not return and you will move better in general.

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Post-Injury Care

Upon discharge, we will likely perform a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) when you are pain-free, to check that you are able to complete seven fundamental baseline movements to an appropriate level.

This is to ensure that you can participate in day-to-day activities, work and sports using healthy movement patterns to minimise risk of future issues. If the scores are below baseline, we will provide corrective exercises to improve these scores to an appropriate level.

If you are able to achieve all-round good scores and have completed your functional goals, we are happy to discharge you and will do a follow-up call within a month to check that you are still feeling good and able to participate in your desired activities.

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