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Flat feet, collapsed arches: Does it matter?

Feet are our foundations of our body; let's take an objective view of foot structure

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Feet.....For Thought

3 main criteria we look for in footwear: Flat, Wide Toebox, Flexible..

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An army without leaders is like a foot without a big toe — Stripes, 1981

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The Running lab – Running workshop review

Want to run well? We learnt about footwear, running, mechanics and so much more....

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Breathing For Performance

Can something as simple as breathing affect your performance? Is breathing a missing piece to the puzzle?

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Motorised treadmills: A cautionary note

Do motorised treadmills achieve the same outcome as "real" running?

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Curved mechanical treadmills: A new era?

Can curved and mechanical treadmills be the game changer?

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Sports and performance series Part 2: mobility and motor control

addressing every part of performance may allow you to improve efficiently and effectively...

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